Document Management Services

Whether you need to convert traditional files to a digital format, streamline your document management processes, or both, UniPrint’s document, image, and business process management services are not only the university’s preferred method to store/retrieve your important information and to meet compliance requirements, but will also save you time and money!

Imaging Services
UniPrint’s imaging services can reduce your current document storage and handling costs. Trained professionals will have your new electronic document management system implemented quickly, improving your productivity, accuracy and efficiency sooner rather than later. Once digitized, secure web access (with right-to-view capability) is available for all documents.

University Systems Integration
Web access is great, but UniPrint can even integrate this access into existing university systems - PeopleSoft Financial, allowing others to seamlessly access specific department/college files.

Additional Highlights
• Back File Scanning
• Indexing
• Digital Storage
• Secure Web Access
• Business Process Management
• Automated Retention
• Customized Professional Services